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One of the many benefits to becoming a Certified ATA tutor is the training ATA provides. With training, tutors may receive our official tutor handbook. This guide will give you basic information about private tutoring and how to be the best tutor you can be.

Additionally, ATA provides other online training opportunities to help you grow your tutoring business, expand your tutor out reach and continue to hone your tutoring skills by keeping you up to date on the most recent trends in education.

Current online training sessions include:

Private Tutor Basics: How to make the most of yourself as a tutor.

Build Your Tutoring Business:   Marketing, management and growth in education.

Academic Coach: Become a Certified Academic Coach and expand your tutoring repertoire.

For more information on one of the above sessions, email training@americantutoringassociation.org .

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Northampton, PA

I spend a lot of time both getting to know the student personally and discovering where they are having problems with the material. I love finding unique solutions for each student that fit into their life and make studying easier for them. I tend to let the students direct where they want to go and what material they want to go over- tutoring is a much looser structure, so we can really get into those pieces that confuse the student. Because of this style, I find I work best with students who are somewhat independent, though that is by no means the only type of student I can and do work with.

We also work on study skills, how to make different ways of studying work for the student on their terms. I try to get my students to understand that they can work in a very smart fashion, get the material, and still be able to do what they would like.

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