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The American Tutoring Association began in 2001 as a response to a growing industry with little to no regulation. Dr. Kelley Brock and Dr. Deborah Bergeron were both working in the tutoring industry. Together they worked to form the ATA, as a non-profit organization that would help to implement some regulation into private tutoring. Parents, educators and potential students would have a way of verifying a tutor’s education, experience and background. Since its inception, the ATA has certified over 6,000 tutors.

In addition to creating standards for the industry, the ATA also provides a host of support services to professional tutors. Tutor training in a variety of areas is one way the ATA reaches out to individual tutors and helps them keep up with current educational trends, expand and hone their skills and grow their individual tutoring businesses. The ATA helps tutors to better market themselves to their local communities and connect them with other educational organizations that may help them as well.

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Every child learns differently. I enjoy working with them as individuals to help them uncover their style. This helps them reach their goals and full educational potential.

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