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American Tutoring Association

Welcome to American Tutoring Association. The ATA is a 501C(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating excellence in private tutoring. Through Tutor Certification and Scholarship Building, the American Tutoring Association is creating new standards within private tutoring while creating opportunities to expand the current tutoring market.

  • Tutor Certification
  • Tutor Training
  • Ongoing Tutor Support
  • Creating Tutor Scholarship Funds
  • Establish New Standards For Private Tutoring
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Sunrise, FL

Education is an evolving field. The standard learning environment is not always suitable for a child’s evolving needs. Rather than pigeon-hole a student as “slow” or “inattentive,” it is the instructor’s duty to understand why a student processes information differently. Once the student’s learning style is properly assessed, the right teaching method can be applied.

The brain is like a muscle—the more it is exercised, the more it grows in capacity. It is my job to continually search for innovative ways to encourage intellectual growth while providing a solid foundation of knowledge. I hope to inspire students to believe that education is a worthwhile pursuit, that knowledge is power, and through learning the possibilities are endless.

-CPR certified

-8 yrs. of professional and private tutoring experience

-References upon request

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Phone: 1-800-494-0670

PO Box 278
Nokesville, VA 20182