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American Tutoring Association

Welcome to American Tutoring Association. The ATA is a 501C(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating excellence in private tutoring. Through Tutor Certification and Scholarship Building, the American Tutoring Association is creating new standards within private tutoring while creating opportunities to expand the current tutoring market.

  • Tutor Certification
  • Tutor Training
  • Ongoing Tutor Support
  • Creating Tutor Scholarship Funds
  • Establish New Standards For Private Tutoring
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Baker City, OR

I love to teach and I am passionate about helping guide other people toward meeting their goals. I have found the best place to accomplish this day to day is in the classroom or working one-on-one. I am passionate about teaching and I work hard to incorporate real world experiences into my teaching and tutoring and to help students engage with curriculum, peers and their teacher at a high level with strong integration of practical examples into my theoretical classroom. As an educator and instructional designer who has taught at all grade levels, I know areas students struggle with and how to use best practices to help students be successful. I am a highly engaged teacher who values formative and summative assessments and the important role assessments have in the learning process. I also place high value on communication, collaboration and the use of integrating technology in the educational process to deepen critical thinking skills.

I enjoy sharing my background as an elementary teacher, a camp counselor, tutor, and youth group leader in my classroom. I enjoy sharing my international experiences and understanding of diversity, intercultural relations, and communications with students. This is evident in my classroom through integrated, cohesive and highly engaged discussions, detailed analysis and thorough feedback, the use of supplemental materials and personal examples and encouraging others to share as well. If my students leave my classroom with the critical foundational skills necessary to continue their learning journey, and walk away with a stronger passion for and knowledge of the subject, then I feel successful.

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Phone: 1-800-494-0670

PO Box 278
Nokesville, VA 20182